6 Lesson Plan Templates to Suit All Styles and Approaches

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The most comprehensive pack of preschool lesson plan templates available anywhere!

Lesson planning is difficult and time-consuming, as you know.

And teaching approaches change all the time.

From year to year, with different class priorities and individual learning needs, I have found – at one time or another – every one of these templates to be useful.

In this package, you will receive 6 ready-to-use templates; one for each of the following lesson plan styles:

- Learning Center Lesson Plan

- Group Time Lesson Plan

- Learning Journey Lesson Plan

- Team Teaching Lesson Plan

- Themes Lesson Plan

- Developmental Areas Lesson Plan

The lesson plan templates alone have the potential to save you dozens of hours preparing for class.

But as you know, it isn't just the resources that are important; I want to make sure you can get the maximum value out of these, too!

That’s why, as a bonus for you, I have also included 15 pages of ideas, guidance and suggestions on how to best use each of these lesson plan styles.

There are so many ways to make effective lesson plans for preschool classes. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there is no right or wrong; you need to implement the type of lesson plan that works best for you, for your school community and for your parents and children.

But with these 6 you’ll be all set for whatever your students need!

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6 Lesson Plan Templates to Suit All Styles and Approaches

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